Has this ever happened to you?

Quick story: Earlier today, my teacher came to speak to me, because he saw that I wasn't doing my work. After talking for a bit and hearing that my teachers care about me, he said some thoughtful words and I responded with, "This is why you're my favorite teacher." He grabbed my shoulder and said, "It will be okay."

Now, here's where the question circles around... When he put his hand on me, I felt a surge of heat radiate from it. It warmed my shoulder instantly. It was as if a piece of the sun rested in his palm. It was so unusual that I don't know how else to describe it. Have you ever felt that?

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  • It was probably his warm cum from jacking off from u earlier


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  • That's why attraction is described as searing hot or maybe his hands are just warm. I doubt it's anything supernatural 😂


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  • Congrats, your teacher isn't dead... wanna cookie?

  • Been there, done that.

  • I haven't felt it but I know some people have felt attraction towards teachers. it could have also been anxiety, but whatever you do please dont do anything intimate with teachers, if thats what you're thinking about.

    • I'm not talking about feeling some attraction to him. I really don't. It was as if I could feel his energy, though, and it was bright and warm.

    • Well maybe you just felt kindness in a different level. Maybe his words and his gentleness spoke to you on a level that made you feel warm and safe

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  • I think you are looking a little too deep into it.

    • I'm not. His hand was really warm. I felt his kindness.

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    • Then you are correct. Unless he had a fever haha

    • Lol, I didn't consider that.

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