I met girl on train?

Ok so I' met girl on train we talked and she added my number. I messaged her and asked about going out.

I said that it was nice meeting bla bla and if she would be on Monday for drink.

and she replied yes my pleasure that we meet :) .. on drink? Where? [my name] I've got boyfriend just saying.

What does that mean? She want to go out with me on drink.

I'll just reply something like. Ok good, on day 1pm, you can bring your boyfriend too :)

What do you think?

what do you think?


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  • Uhhhh... if she has a boyfriend why do you want to still go out with her?

    • didn't know... but I don't want anything with her.

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    • but why not as friends?

    • Fine if you want to be friends... that's not what I got from your question.

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  • She is basically telling you straight up, "I have a boyfriend. I'm not interested in becoming anything more than friends." She thought you were a nice/interesting guy or whatnot and could make a great friend, but she isn't looking for a boyfriend at the moment. She told you inmediately because she didn't want you to get the wrong idea or get led astray.

    Now, if you are honestly willing to friendzone her and not try see her as anything more, I'd say go for it. Be a great friend. God knows people need more of em in the word lol. But, if you are viewing her as a girl you want to potentially date, I'd stop right here. Even telling yourself "I'll wait for them to break up, but I won't try anything now. I'll friend her and be the one to pick her up when she falls" isn't a good idea. That's just going to lead to jealousy.

    You need to ask yourself in brutal honesty what your intentions are. Are you looking for only friends? Were you sexually attracted to her physically/emotionally? If there is a conflict of interest, this could create more drama down the road.

    • that's good, i agree. Just friends.

    • In that case, I'd also consider mentioning to her that you aren't looking for anything more than friendship... That way, she knows as well you aren't mate poaching 👍.

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  • I'd tell her to go for a drink with her boyfriend instead.

    • what?

    • Oh sorry, I thought you wanted to take Her out for a drink, but obviously you want to take her boyfriend instead.

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  • she means you can become nothing more than friends

  • I don't think it's a good idea , tell her to go for a drink whenever she's single.