Zwarte Piet – racism or tradition?

I've been in Maastricht for 2 weeks and I've seen people on the street who are dressed as Zwarte Piet, companion of the traditional Dutch character Sinterklaas.

Zwarte Piet – racism or tradition?

Some people find it racist because the character wears "blackface" which is offensive in the USA while some people believe it's just a longstanding Dutch tradition that has nothing to do with race. What is your opinion?

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  • ITS NOT RACIST. The helpers of sinterklaas climb down your chimney to bring your presents. there's a lot of black crap in chimneys thats why they are black.

    Sinterklaas and his zwarte pieten does NOT symbolize a Spanish slave owner and his black slaves.

    Sinterklaas was and has always been Turkish. With the fall of Constantinople they brought his corpse from Turkey to Spain because sinterklaas was Christian and not Muslim.

    Its not racist. Stop breaking down European culture.


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  • I'm actually from the Netherlands and this discussion is extremely blown up by the media. Only DENK party supporters think it's racist.
    As in my own stance, I don't think it's racist, but I don't mind if the 'roetpiet' becomes the new standard. Everyone happy and zwarte piet doesn't need the red lips and all black face for me.


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  • It's not offensive, just ignore the USA when it comes to race matters, they are a clusterfuck.

  • If they want to put on red lipstick and pretend to be white, I don't see a problem with it.

  • It almost looks like they are black so it doesn't look racist


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