Girls, Your gender or your your family?

Gender race religion etc has become a hot topic... we got hate groups like isis kkk and feminism...

What to most important to you?
Before you answer... what has your gender done for you? Who is alway around when you need them?

  • my family including the men in it too
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  • my gender
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  • okay my gender dont give anything family gives me their support guidence
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  • we
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  • None of it matters. We're all going to die anyways, nothing changes when no one has the guts to be progressive anymore.

    • Do you atvleastclove your males? As in your family

    • I love anyone that does me no harm and shows I an trust them. As soon as I start to feel that is not the case, i'll ghost the fuck out of them or confrontate them, making sure they know my actions upon theirs.

      It does not matter if they are male or female.

    • A lot of females in the first world hatectheir males not all but... a good few

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  • You really haven't seen much of this world have you? It's like my boss said: it's a dog eat dog world.

  • English please.

  • My religion is the most important to me.

  • I don't even understand this question

  • My religion and my family and my health and my future is more important to me at this moment.

    • A lot of girls/guys act like they dontchave the oppositexsex in their families because of whatever reason... thats why i ask... do you live the men and males in your family? Example dad brother granpa uncle cousin nephew?

    • What kinda of an idiotic question is this? Let's not get all melodramatic now, alright? Of course, I love all my male friends and family members.

  • Depends on the situation.

    • Women and men are acunit... there should be unity. we can't fight each other... because we come from one another

      A woman is the X chromosome from a man sperm
      And a woman gives birth to him

      Bith men and women come from one another making them one