Allergic to bug bites? Advice?

I am super allergic to bug bites and I am living with my grandparents at the moment and my grandpa is a hoarder and basically he has barrels of giant open water that he has been keeping all summer that no one knew about and now there are over 1000 freaking mosquitoes flying all around our house inside and out and they are biting me 24/7 and causing me to swell up and sneeze and just be freaking miserable and I have all of these bumps all over my skin. I told my grandpa about it but he thinks that I am seeing things and my grandma knows how sick he is and would rather not deal with him and pretends like it is not happening but she knows something is buzzing around the house biting her too she is in denial. I can't deal with this but I can't move out because I have no where to go but the more I stay here the more I get bitten it is just awful. Advice?


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  • What is up with old people and hoarding? My parents are starting to do it themselves. I would like to pretend that they aren't as bad because they aren't hoarding water, but truth is, whatever people hoard, it's just a variant of one thing or another.

    Anyway, I would dump the water barrels. In Northern California, I think you actually will get fined if you leave around open containers of standing water so you're probably doing your entire area a favor by doing this. The alternative would be to run away but that would be rash. Let's start with dumping the barrels first and we can go from there.

  • Drain the water.


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