Why do I feel people's vibes so much? #energy #goodvibesonly?

So I've noticed that I can feel people's energy a lot of the time and most of the time I feel uncomfortable because it's mostly bad vibes.. I try my best to keep an open mind but most people seem to carry such bad energy. How can I just socialize but not worry about it so much?


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  • It's a survival trait passed onto humans from our early ancestors. Being sensitive to our surroundings was key to preventing ambushes and sensing prey to hunt. It really enhances our senses to things others would otherwise miss.

    However, the caveat is that it drains us and we can get overwhelmed easily. Excessive stimuli makes it difficult to function in, especially if its from negative people and situations.


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  • i can feel people's vibe too and sometimes it can irritate the sh*t out of me


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