Why does my dad give me things and then randomly steal them back?

I'm a 17 year old male, when I was 16 I discovered marijuana. It was AMAZING. I started out stealing my dads. Once he realized, he actually began giving some to me. For the last year or so every week there will be a baggy sitting out for me to grab. a few weeks ago he gave me some, then the next morning it was gone. He took it ALL back. I mean if he doesn't want to give me any, don't! Why would he give me it and then take it back?

Then tonight for example. Friday he gave me a baggy. being I was staying at his house this weekend I put it in my drawer with my bowl and a lighter. I used it this morning, and then bam tonight I look and he took EVERYTHING i have. Like what? We ended the night on a good night, we went bowling, and he went to bed we said goodnight love you to each other. I mean, really? So instead of being to bed, I had to go to his shop and steal his bong, find some left over bud, clean the bong, now I'm finally sitting down.

Any idea why he would give it to me and then take it back FOR NO REASON?

And I know it's meant for me because of it wasn't he wouldn't leave it in the same spot for me to grab every Friday. Also Friday I heard him say, "he already took some out of my truck." to his girlfriend while putting the baggy where it usually is.

Any thoughts? I'm so annoyed right now, this is the reason I want to be an adult. I just want to live my life in peace.


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  • Well he probably took it because he ran out! It's nice of him to share with you, and it's not like he can just grab some more at the corner shop when he's run out...


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  • Yeah dude, don't take your dad's stash haha. He's probably trying to help you out by leaving some out for you every once in a while, but why are you getting pissed at him for taking it back. He didn't offer it to you and it's not yours. Get out of here with these first world problems lol -_-

    • I'm not pissed about him taking it back. I'm pissed because he stole my bowl. The bowl that I bought :/

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    • Not really :/ just assuming someone's relationship is pretty asinine bro. When my older brother was my age he would buy him chew because that's what my brother did. He leaves it there for me to take. Literally, he smokes good shit, he'll then but me ditch weed, stuff he wouldn't EVER smoke. Why waste his money for stuff he doesn't even like. I also know it's not for him being before he knew I did it, he kept it hidden until I stole a tiny bit, now he keeps stuff in his truck and then leaves a baggy out in the dining room only on certain days I come over. Obviously if Jedi's want me to take it he would leave it in his dresser, or truck, or shop, or night stand, hell even the medicine cabinet, not right out in the open in the dining room. Hey and guess what, I looked in my dresser and everything from last night was there, not even touched. So if he didn't want me to have it he wouldn't have given it back. Don't call Mr "arrogant" just assuming.

    • Aight dude, you do you. It just seems mad obnoxious

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  • He needed some maybe.


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  • Because he is fucking with you.. That's what you get for stealing his stash!

  • Stop doing drugs, and if you were an adult you wouldn't need your dad

    • Exactly my point...

    • I'm ready to be self-sufficient.