Do boys go on dates for the fun of it as opposed to sexual or relationship expectations?

I think it would be fun to go out with a guy just to have fun with another person.

Go outside, on a nice dinner or movie or something fun, enjoy yourself. Meet new people.


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  • I go out on dates open to anything. I really enjoy meeting new people, specifically women, lol. I don't go on a date with a relationship or sex in mind, I just go on a date for the date itself, having a fun experience with someone. Now if it turns out we're really compatible and really enjoy being with each other, maybe we'll continue seeing each other and may fall into a relationship or if we're both crazily turned on by each other maybe it will just be a sexual thing.. But I really don't care either way.

    • You know I just realized why this doesn't happen more often.

      Let's say two people (man and woman) go on a date together.

      The guy has a good time and forgets about it, but the woman actually starts to like the guy. To her it then becomes... wait a minute. Why doesn't this guy want to get into a relationship with me? Is tehre something wrong with me? etc. etc.

  • sometimes I do... even it ends bad every time... but I think is my fault... raise too much expectations...


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