HELP! How to convince my parents to stay out later?

I'm very annoyed. All of the people I know have been going out since 14 and casually drinking, staying out till 2 or 3 am.

I'm 16 and I can't even stay out until 1, let alone go clubbing like everyone else. I feel so bored on the weekends, and alone because everyone is out and I'm stuck inside always.

How can I convince my parents to allow me to stay out until 2/3 or go to clubs?

*btw it's legal to drink here at 18, but it used to be 16 (a couple years ago) so everyone just does it. I don't get drunk, I just drink for fun and know how to handle my alcohol.

Any opinions stating my parents are right and I should listen to them will be reported or ignored. I don't need you to tell me that crap, my parents already do. Clearly you've never been a teenager stuck in this situation.


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  • Be glad you have parents who care. I don't swing wit the modern attitude in the US and largely England as well, that 16year olds are adult enough to go to drinking and casual sex-oriented clubs until 3 am, even if they can allegedly handle their alcohol. Adults can't handle their alcohol, so expecting 16 year olds to do that is just propaganda.

    Most Asian kids, even second generation, or Middle Eastern kids, aren;t allowed to do that either, so it's not like you're a persecuted minority here!

    • Well I don't live in either of those places, which I'm very thankful for. Honestly if this is all you're saying you're not helping. Fuck off.

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    • And Trump-style racist to boot.

    • I just don't care about your opinion, which I have stated in the question. Blocked, just for fun.

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  • Yes, I was a teen in your situation. You won't be the last and you're definitely not the first. And yes, you will thank them later when your friends are looking old and haggard at 21 from too much drinking and partying and you still look youthful, or when your friends get into some drama (and they will) while out one night, or when you're 25 and look back at younger people and thank fuck your parents didn't let you behave like them.

    I agree teens should be allowed some freedoms, of course, but you're trying to move too fast. You're 16, you don't need to go to clubs. Fair enough trying alcohol is kinda normal at your age, but clubbing not so much. Just meet in the middle. Go to your friends house, have a few drinks, GET A SAFE WAY HOME, and be home at a decent time. If you start getting drunk and coming home late, then you've proven to your parents they were right. If you follow rules, do normal teen stuff but be sensible with it, your parents may relax the rules a little for you. But having a strop over it won't convince them.

    • You don't understand. In america you drink at 21. Here it used to be 16. That was only a couple years ago and IT IS normal to go out at my age: literally everyone does it. As I said I don't get drunk because I've drank before and my parents are ok with a few drinks. Idc about yourhful looks I care about living life and actually enjoying it instead of living in this bubble. I get left behind and end up with people I don't like purely because my parents are too strict.

      You're unhelpful and annoying.

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    • You don't live where I live, you do not know.
      The only reason my parents are strict is because my sister was a train wreck.

      You've not been helpful and you're promoting abuse as well, you'd be a shitty parent.

    • And you're a shitty daughter and shitty person. And like I said, it's quite obvious why your parents treat you the way they do. It's difficult to believe you're even 16. Your attitude stinks, and that's why, don't blame others for how you behave and pretend that's the reason. A box isn't abuse either. Abusive people don't just give one box... But then all the bratty kids would think like that, so no shocker there. But yea, if you behave this way to your parents it's probably because you didn't get the box sooner when you needed it.

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  • Yea, none of us have been dumbass entitled teenagers who think they have the world figured out 🙄

  • tell them if they don't allow you staying out till 2 or 3, you'll fuck with random guy, and get pregnant, by the way, drunk can be very dangerous

    • .. i'm not going to threaten my parents, especially not with something like that.

    • oh, then pick up your parents to your clubs too, see if they can understand you, show them how safe you are at 2 or 3 am out of home, and how much fun you can have there, let them stay with you in your own room, show them how bored it can be on the weekend

  • Just tell them that you old enough and mature enough to handle it. I mean do you have a good relationship with them? Or you could ask them to stop being so strict, because you are almost a grown *** woman.

    • I mean, I get where they're coming from since my sister was an absolute train wreck, but I've shown them I can handle alcohol and that I will still follow their curfew, if they were to raise it.


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