Can I use my university ID card to get discounts abroad?

I am a student at an American university and I am traveling abroad soon. I plan on going to museums, amusement parks, attractions, etc. I am checking the websites for these specific sites and I'm looking at the prices and there is a cheaper price for senior citizens and STUDENTS. Some places give student discounts but does my student ID count or do they mean students from their own country?

There is an international student card that can be bought online but I don't want to buy it


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  • Yes it doesn't matter where it comes from as long as you're a "student".

    • On one website it specifically says only if you have an international student card :(

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    • But yeah, typically the standard student discount only applies for Australian citizens studying in Australia. Even international students who are attending Australian universities aren't eligible for most of the discounts :(

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  • Australia here, and no, you wouldn't count for any of the student discounts in my country. I'd say it was the same for most other countries as well.

    Student and senior citizen discounts are meant to financially support the citizens of the host country. Unless you're in America, you're just another tourist.