Is there anybody to talk to on here?

I just really need to vent. I have to let out my stress and frustration with the way my life is right now. I am under the Address and witness information ACT (please research). I am a college student and at the university it's not getting any better. I still got harassed, and was forced to deal with retaliation. an incident occurred at the university that sparked a start of retaliation. Because they lost two officers because of the violation, I get different incidents with trying to lure information out of me. I get a note on my car saying somebody hit my car, but actually didn't. There has been people on my dorm room floor just trying to see where I stay. I specifically requested all sorts of times that I did not want to be found. I even asked them not to tell anybody where I live.

Trying to seal who I am became so difficult here. my information in the school system such as address was changed, but they refused to remove the other addresses. I even asked them to please remove my name from their public database. Still they did not listen nor did they care. A school worker called me out of the blue stating that they noticed I didn't have a hire account for college and that it was mandatory for me to have one. I was forced to get an account and they just wanted information. I had to make up stuff, but refused to put anything real. I keep constantly getting harassed. I beg them to hide my first and last name, but they won't.

They keep giving unknown individuals information such as the vehicle I drive and dorm room number from other people. They are very aware that I am a major crime victim, and still fail like all cost to protect me. I can't wait until this is over with. I don't want to be seen, I am tired of people setting up traps only to get my information from me because its hidden. I can't wait until this is over with


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  • I can't guarantee how much help I can offer, but if you need to vent I can try my best to listen 👍

    • yes just needing to venting thats all

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  • What the fuck?

    • you don't understand how my life is right now. I just need someone to talk to. I have no friends, I am very quiet. I am not able to do the things you do in your everyday life right now. It is not good to hold any of this stuff any. I just want someone to talk to, even if they just listened.

    • Sorry, your question just overwhelmed me because your situation sounds so fucking awful.

    • I am overwhelmed definitely. This is my fourth year not being able to finish anything in college because of public corruption. I can't wait until this is over with. Its overwhelming being at a college who blatantly disregards who you are because of the "its all about you who you know" policy. I had to drop two of my classes already because of harassment I remained so humble and quiet. I am not able to go see my family for Thanksgiving because my license is screwed. To protect myself has been an issue because my name is sitting on public search records for the school website. I have to go fill out a freaking form to take it off the website. I don't want to be found, well thats hard of English around this campus.

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  • Yeah, go ahead.