Using my running for fundraising?

I need advice because I'm new to fundraising!

I work at my local humane society and a donor has agreed to match all donations from now until the end of the year. So, I was trying to think of ways to invite my Facebook friends to be extra giving this holiday season! Since I just picked up a running hobby this summer, I'd like to use that (and as an added bonus, it'd give me motivation to keep exercising in the cold weather), but I don't know how.

I was thinking maybe of inviting people to pledge to donate a certain amount for every mile I run for the month of December? Remembering that I'm still a beginner so I only expect to run maybe 4-5 miles a week haha. What do you think of that idea? If it's a good idea, how should I go about carrying it out? And if it's lame, do you have any other suggestions?



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  • Sure you could do that :D
    Things like a facebook group or also always a nice idea. Of course, when it's about giving money, you'll need to get peoples' confidence so you'll need to clearly mention for which good aim you're doing it.
    Otherwise people my think you're after their money :-(

    • Good advice! Do you have any advice for secure donating? The humane society's website has a PayPal button but I really wouldn't have any way to keep track of that for my pledges lol

    • That will indeed be a setback you'll have to accept... maybe suggest that people mention on your facebook page they've donated, so you can send them a kind thanks.
      But even than, not all will do that...

    • Thanks for the MH :D

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  • Yes, people often fundraise in that way. Or, you could ask them to join you in the run and donate so much for each mile THEY run!!!

  • You said it is for a humane society? What if you volunteer to walk people's dogs in exchange for a donation? As in, taking their dogs with you when you run? It might compel people to donate more since you are actually doing something for them opposed to just running alone.

    • It's an idea, but I'd rather not limit my donors to *only* people who have dogs. Plus my Facebook friends aren't all in one city; I moved a lot growing up, so my friends are scattered.

  • just hv a company to organize income of funding


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