What do you do when you're sick and you have no one to talk to or keep you company?

I have a bad infection and a few other issues with my sinuses and it causes terrible headaches every, day especially when I lie down. The only way to get rid of the headaches is to have my sinuses surgically cleaned out and repaired but I'm in college so I have to suck it up until the semester is over. Anyway, I can deal with the pain but the headaches keep me up at night so I'm stuck in my room for hours with nothing to do and no one to talk to and it's driving me crazy. How should I keep myself distracted from the pain?


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  • Aww poor love, i'm sorry :'( <3

    Is looking at screens making your head hurt worse? Otherwise talking to some people online is a good bet <3 . And watch some films or shows? Text some friends maybe?

    Other than that I guess have some nice painkillers and tuck up in bed, i'm sorry I can't help more!

    Feel better man

    • Thank you. Light and noise don't really affect the headaches because it's caused by my sinuses. The problem is that all of my friends and family have school, work, and other things so they're sleeping while I'm up at night because of the headaches and I have no one to talk to

    • Also, you seem really nice so feel free to message me anytime.

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  • Never had the Pleasure, Treasure... Always Surrounded By Someone, hun.
    "Leave me Alone, I wanna Die in peace" is my own Motto when I am Sick with my Vicks. xx

  • I go online and chat with people.

    • Where? I don't have an account on Twitter, FB, IG, SC, or any dating or chat sites so I don't know how to find people to talk to

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