What's the point of life?

What's the point of doing anything fun? You do it, and before you know it its just a memory and its gone. Every experience you have just ends up being a memory. We spend our whole lives working hard in school and careers for what? To realize we are dying and time is going by fast and we'll be dead soon and just a memory? As we experince moments, you realize that the moment you just experienced is gone and the enjoyment from it is gone and you got nothing from it. Everything we build is just going to be dust some day anyways, so why build it? What's the point of money? Buying yourself a nice car and maybe enjoy driving it but that just becomes a memory too. Every relationship we build just ends after a death and all the things we do with some- just memories. Is there really any reason to work hard to go to college and get a career then fifty years later realize that it went by so fast and its just memories and now your just going to die and everything you know is basicly gone forever from you? One day you're gonna die and it'll be like you were never even born. Like you never even existed. One day we are all just gonna rot in the ground and just be a pile of bones and it'll be like we never even existed. Life is cruel. Whats the point?


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  • The best argument against atheism is this. I don't know if you are atheist or not but for you are an atheist than it'd be very ironic.

    • W0t?

    • That's why religious people believe in God. There is no way that we are living just to die, the oppressors and oppressed can NEVER have the same ending. Evil and good, sinner and rightful... they can't end on anew equal scale. Death is when your exam time is over, it's the beginning of grading, the beginning of everything.

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  • I didn't realize memories had no value. I actually thought memories were pretty precious.

    If a moment lasted forever it wouldn't have much meaning. It would be dull and without perspective.

    I remember when I was a kid.. summer just felt like a drag by the end. Because even at that age you realize.. if you're not working inbetween, the good stuff isn't very satisfying.

    It should be something you look forward to.

    Not only that, if you're doing life right then there can be a lot of great stuff that you have every day for the rest of your time here. Like getting married and waking up to that one special person in the morning. Or falling asleep in their arms.

    Those are the constants. The little moments that make life beautiful. The big ones are just kind of gravy.

    As for dying, well you're asking a bigger question there. But as long as you exist, death is not present. And when death is present, you no longer exist. So don't worry about it. You'll never know what it feels like to be dead.. and I personally don't worry about shit I'll never experience.

  • To pass the test called life

  • the point of life is to know your purpose? ✌ do not let somebody defined you by your work or the car you bought. cause you are more important than those.. yes everything ends and everyone arrive on their final time and on that day.. aren't you proud you passed the test they called life? and you can proudly say to yourself " i did make it" 💪😊😊 just saying ✌


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