Will You Watch 3%? The New Netflix Show?

Today came across the news about this new Netflix show called 3% and I got really surprised. According to the official trailer it's about: "A world divided into progress and devastation. The link between the two sides - Offshore and Inland - is a rigorous and painstaking system called The Process. Everyone in Inland has a chance to go through The Process to live a better life in Offshore. But only 3% make it through."

What really surprised me is that the show is Brazilian! I didn't know that my country was already producing shows for Netflix. Our cinema improved a lot in the last years with good productions and I'll definetely give this show a chance. Will you watch it? Here's the trailer:


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  • Maybe but is it only on the Portuguese/American Netflix? Because in that case I couldn't even access it 😂

    • I don't know. If there's a trailer in English I think it'll be available everywhere, but I can't be sure.

    • Only gonna be on international Netflix sites if it's a Netflix original

    • It surely is.

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  • sounds really interesting. i'll probably check it out

    i think with the success of narcos they (in particular netflix) are starting to pay more attention to Brazilian tv and film making

    • Yeah, but it Narcos only the director and the main character were Brazilians. It was even clear the strong Portuguese accent when Escobar spoke Spanish (the actor didn't even speak Spanish before he was chosen for the character).

      This time everything is Brazilian. I'm really curious to see if the show will be good or as good as some recent films like "Tropa de Elite".

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    • i just saw it appear on netflix last night. either lenina or lanina. about a former colombian guerilla fighter who is trying to acclimate back to normal life. i haven't watched it. didn't look all that great to me but i'll wait to hear some reviews of it.

    • I'll check it too.

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  • maybe

  • nopes

  • nah sounds dumb

    • Maybe, I'll watch and see, many shows have already surprised me positively.

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