I feel empty inside and I dont really see that changing anytime soon, any ideas?

I come from a poor home, used to be kinda middle class til my dad changed his work place, and now what he makes is barey enough... if he gets paid on time that is, not to mention my parents fight and my dad is a big asshole.

Iam a 21 years old college student, i still have 3 years to go with all of their bills, i did work for 3 years and i work summers and when i get a chance to pay my bills and even help my parents sometimes, i go to college, joke, hang out and get back home to my boring, sad and uninteresting life, i dont have a girlfriend and i dont see myself getting one anytime soon, i am not getting laid , the funny thing? iam a 6'2, good looking guy who girls compliment a lot and give lots of attention, who works out , has a great style, heygine and really smart and funny, girls know this but i simply can't find anyone i desire that desires me and is single, and sex... well iam too nice, i dont want to hurt any girl or make her feel like she was used i stop at the last moment if i feel iam going to lie to a girl and harm her.

I have friends and i do hang out with them , but i feel this void inside, no money, no girl, family is not exactly perfect i have 3 years to finish my studies and i just dont see a way out of this. i've tried it just doesn't work and there is no one that can offer help, iam not sure what else i can do as this is the most i can give and iam not geting anything in return...


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  • I feel the need to tell you that you are really strong. It seems like you work really hard to manage your life. You should be proud of yourself. Instead of focusing on the things you're might be missing, focus on the things you have accomplished.
    I mean you've already stated in your text what is good about you. Those are some great points!
    I know this is hard to believe when you feel this void inside yourself. But don't pressure yourself. Just read your text again. Breathe. Smile.
    Maybe you could also need some kind of hobby to balance yourself. Something you enjoy doing? For example crafting, building or fixing things. I enjoy those kind of activities because it is relaxing and you can be proud of the outcome. Something is in your hands and under your control.
    I hope this helps!

  • What is your question?
    I read what you wrote, and I understand, but what is your question? What do you want to know?

    • what you think?

    • Well, it looks like you just poured out your heart here, that is what I think. 😅

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