Which would you choose?

For this, let us assume that heaven and hell is real. I got this idea from the Anime "Jigoku Shoujo." Look it up if you must.

Option A: Your tormentor (or an enemy, if you don't have one), dies immediately and their soul goes to hell. Although you get to live in happiness - free from the torment - your soul also goes to hell when you die. So, even if you're a good person and live a long and happy life, you still go to hell.

Option B: Your tormentor or enemy stays alive, and you don't go to hell when you die. You go wherever you deserve to go. You continue to live with the sorrows or stress that your enemy puts on you.

  • Option A: Kill the enemy/tormentor, but let us both go to hell eventually.
  • Option B: Live with the pain and not kill anyone, and keep the chances of going to heaven.
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Why are there no girls voting on this? I didn't limit it to guys. Please say why, too.
I forgot to mention that, when they die, they suffer the same pain they brought unto others. It isn't immediate. They go through whatever they put someone else through.


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  • presuming that there are these after lifes. i'd choose the eternity in heaven rather than eternity in hell


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  • Even if I were to still go to hell, I wouldn't want to kill anyone, even the person I hate the most. Besides, they'd die sooner or later.

    • Technically, you don't kill them. Demons do, and nobody suspects you of doing anything.

    • Well I didn't know that, but choosing option A is choosing for them to die. It seems like I'm the person who is killing them since I'm giving them that destiny. Frankly, it doesn't line up with my morals.

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  • i think option B is pretty much what everyone does anyway