My mom makes me feel like shit. Any advice?

So my mom just makes me feel like crap because I don't help her and what can I do i'm too young my father passed away a few years ago and she always miserable. For example says she wants to die, complains about how my brothers are shit etc. She tells me that i'm going to become like them which I get so frustrated about because I want to succed and It's so hard because I feel like can't with her constantly bringing me down. Some times I feel so sad that i wonder if taking my own life would do the trick. I know it wouldn't an that would be selfish (No need to consol me on that I understand it's not the right path) so I try and be happy and carry on with life but when ever that happens she reflects all her negative energy on me. I wonder if i'll be able to live life normally (mentally) if this persist. (I still have to live with her until i'm 18 which sucks very much)

My mother is a very hard working woman and has 2 jobs, stayed strong through the death of my fathter and crap my brothers have put her through and has upheld a household (bills etc.) and just being the person I am I don't express my feelings often and it's hard for me to feel admiration (at this point) for her.


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  • That's so sad to read :(
    The only thing you can do is remember not to let her bring you down. Just remember that you are great in your own way and that you are your own person and not doomed to become like your siblings

    Stay strong and you maybe can confront your mother?

    • Thats exactly what I tell myself but it's difficult at times when your torn down so many times it's basically repetitive

    • I can understand very well what you mean
      Just remember that you will be a bit stronger every time you are down ;)
      I've had bad experiences too

    • thank you for the mho ^^

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  • That's what moms do. It's normal. Don't let it bother you much.

  • At least she makes you feel something


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  • Have you ever told her this?

    • On a few occasions yes.

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    • I don't think she takes it as seriously as I do. She basically laughs it off a bit.

    • Pfff EHHHH Work hard too. Showing her progress might motivate her too

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