Why Doesn't YouTube Show you Comments?

I got a comment on one of my videos (the wip amv I posted about on here a little while ago) and I got the notification, on both my phone and my tablet and I tried to see the comment on both devices but couldn't, just got told there are no comments on the video the notification sent me to when i clicked on it.
Now I'm on my computer. Still no comments.

I saw a preview of the comment in one of the notifications and it's not just some 'good job' comment or 'thats shit' comment, its an actual thought out one that I want to see. But I can't.

It's the first comment I've ever gotten too.

My computer doesn't even tell me I have the notification, Youtube is just telling me to sign in to google to see my notifications but I already am, and when I try to re-sign in it won't take me to the page to do so.

So, yeah, I'm a little confused and very annoyed. I hate knowing I have a comment, or message and wanting to reply to it but being unable to. My friends know me for being prompt in my responses, if I don't answer a phone call, text me and I'll reply within ten minutes (unless I'm pissed off or like what happened this week my phone is out of action for freaking ages leading everyone to think I'm dead). Most people know me for being prompt and I hate not being able to be when I should be able!

So yeah. Anyone know how I can see this comment, when youtube keeps telling me the video they commented on HAS no comments?


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  • The software for comments isn't included on all You Tube videos, I understand.

    • Ah considering you can make comments on my videos you'd think you'd be able to see the comments on my videos.

      also this comment was not helpful at all.

  • Are you on your Google page within YouTube?

    • I've logged into google now (when to google itself and logged in there) but it still won't even tell me about the comment, even when i go into recent notifications, it's not there (though some replies to comments I've made on other videos were there that I hadn't been notified about).

      The video itself claims I have no views, though if you see it in the actual info part that only I can see, it says I have 26 views, I know I have a comment because there's a notification for it (and preview) when I look at my phone and tablet, but the video itself claims I have none, even in the info part in the video manager.

    • I would say that either the commenter deleted the comment or YouTube is having an issue right now..

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