How do you get to be invited to speak at seminars /workshops /huge conferences?

What are these things that must some people have especially on social media to get invited to speak at these big events?
What are these techniques that famous use so they can be invited and get money as well?
Can you share some thoughts?


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  • Since I am from the start up world, I have a lot of experience with this. The main thing you MUST do is networking. As soon as you meet people and share interesting opinions and some things that you feel passionate about (something you have thought a lot about and can talk about in an interesting manner). The main thing is that it will always start with little events, some sort of meet-ups or similar, where you usually talk for 15 or 20 minutes and then you get more and better.

    I have a friend who started like this and then he got offered TEDx talk, so he did and now he travels around the world to give speeches everywhere. He also started with networking. :)


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  • You know, I don't know. People have asked me several times and I have no idea how they find me. My assumption is that they found me via LinkedIn and/or my company's "About" page on the website. Also, are you active in your local professional communities? I don't know what you do for a living, but in my industry there are lots of communities and lots of conferences and what not. After speaking at a couple, I think I got noticed and would get asked to speak at smaller ones where they just offer you pizza as payment (being a bourgeois ass, I always would agree to speak, but would decline the pizza), but then you end up getting asked to speak at bigger and bigger ones.

    That said, do you actually enjoy these things? I actually don't and see them as recruiting opportunities because back in 2006, I did one for Amazon EC2 and afterwards, a bunch of these super young engineers from MIT, Stanford, and Harvard came up to me afterwards. I realized "Wait! I'm a minor celebrity in this setting... maybe I can get one of these guys to work for us!"