Am I spoiled? Like a spoiled child kind of a thing?

My mother still drives me places. I'm 23.

I mean the real problem is I could take the bus, but the bus stop is a 15 minute walk from our house :O


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  • Kinda yea. If she also does a lot of other things for you, then yea.

    But it doesn't sound like she's twisting your arm and making you do it. You are going along with it. Maybe try weening yourself by choice instead of waiting for her to give you the boot.

    • Technically she's a housewife so she doesn't have a job.

      She is also pretty mean to me so I don't exactly feel guilty. Like she tries to control me and put me down because people do it to her.

      However, what I am concerned about is not only the principality of the matter which is that i shouldn't be making a human being no matter how awful do errands for me, but also the real issue at hand: at some point I will need to do my own driving, cooking etc.

      I know when I was in Uni I used to do everything by myself. Then I stopped and it was so difficult for me to do simple stuff. Like walk to class. Instead of walking I'd take a cab (to be fair my apartment was far)

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    • I don't know about 'wrong' but I think ti's a bit.. I don't know. I always wonder if the 'right' way to live your life is one where you work really hard as much as most people do.

      Most people I know drive to work. Or drive around places. So it strikes me as weird that I don't do that.

      I think it's partially about my mother and also partially about me wondering if it's somehow wrong for me to not drive. As in I'm living too much of a princessy kind of a life

    • "How do you feel?"
      There are questions about right or wrong. There are rational and logical arguments.
      But "How do you feel?" is a very valid question.

      It seems like this is really bothering you. You are giving it a lot of thought.
      I think you already know the answer. Almost everything you are saying to me and the other people points in one direction.

      Sometimes you know the answer, but you don't know you know the answer. Sometimes you have to get to the point where you can take a deep breath and say "Yes, this is right, and I'm confident that it's right."

      I think you know the answer.

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  • meh that doesn't make of you spoilt child at all

    • But she drives me everywhere and then it's like... you know. I'm old enough to drive my own car.

      Sometimes I really do wonder if I'm spoiled. Like one day I'm going to have to cook my own food and drive my own car etc. what am I going to do then :(

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    • Or maybe that's what it feels like to me because of how bored I am :(

      But there's a lot of stirring I know that. Onions and stirring that's what I remember from my cooking experiences in childhood when mom would tell me to stir while she went and answered the phone or did some other errand

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  • To me spoiled is when the person is bratty/ unappreciative. You don't strike me as such.

  • It's nice your mom does that for you maybe she's afraid you will get in a accident when you learn to drive really hard to say?

  • Have you thought about getting a drivers license?

    • Yeah, I am very close to getting one. My parents still maintain I should not be allowed to drive. Accidents and all.

      In all honesty though I know that even if they did let me drive, I would hate it. I hate driving, I really do. It's exhausting. I used to be able to drive for 2 hours straight (during my classes).

      Now I can barely do one hour.

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    • No they've always been like that. It's true however that as they are getting older, they probably are less reluctant and wanting to live a life that is different from their current one. I know my mother has a blood pressure problem.

      I'm really tense about this job thing. I get very anxious so I try not to think about it.

      I am just hoping something clicks.

    • Yeah that tends to be a common thing. Oh yeah she needs to watch that.

      It's alright I don't mean to pressure you just thought you should know.

      Well it's tough, that's the thing is in high school it seems like the possibilities in life are endless but each year after it seems like a lot of those opportunies are hard to obtain

  • Do you have a driver's license?

  • why don't you have a car?

  • Based on that one statement I wouldn't say spoiled. Coddled perhaps.


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