Are "homophobes" really THAT bad?

"HomoPHOBE" ; A phobia is a fear, by definition it's a fear which is irrational, though many can be justified. Nevertheless it is a fear which isn't intentional. Sure there are dicks, but people who genuinely have homophobia aren't assholes. They're genuinely afraid of homosexuals for a reasons they don't know themselves. Maybe a church's influence in their youth, some crazy gay sex scene they saw when they were younger, or anything. I get that some people are just mean assholes but I'm talking about the people who are real homophobes, you can't hate them for something they can't control, could you?

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  • Like the other guy said, it's a misused terms and is modernity used in the context of hate and not fear. To me, yeah actual homophobes are that bad though if they do nothing to help their problem. It's completely irrational to be fearful of people who sleep with the same gender or anything like that. People can go bang their chair or marry their shoe for all I care. It should never be something that anyone is genuinely terrified of -totally illogical and they should seek counselling like any other person with a phobia issue.


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  • It's a misused term. They really mean homomisia.
    If there were actual homophobes then they'd have my full sympathy, because it must be a shitty experience being afraid of people like that.

  • homophobes are horrible... they hate people because they are different

    • Those are just assholes, I'm talking about people who are seriously afraid if gay people and can't do anything about it.

  • Same could be said for fear of women/men or even certain races. One has to look at the persons intent behind the homophobia.