No Friends at all?

nope sir , not even a bloody single one
I have no friends at ALL
it's a problem , you are pathetic , you need to see someone , I know all this but I just don't have any
I deleted all my social media apps and nobody missed me ( I didn't miss anyone either )
I have just moved into a new house and guess what nobody cares
I had been moved to a new school and I think You know what happened
that's a part of the problem but the one that really scares me that I don't Care either
I don't feel bad or anything
what's wrong with me?
and how to solve it?
I don't think I'm a bad person : I play Tennis , I learn languages , I'm a Full-marks person in my study , I'm a huge football fan and nearly know everything about the Top Teams , I watch a lot of movies and series and read a lot of books
do you think I have a bad personality?
I'm not a bad looking either
so what's wrong


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  • I dont have any friends either i'm in my late 20's my family don't even know i am alive unless they want something

    • it's something common obviously

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  • You reminded me of the song "Cool Kids" lol
    Probably you are way too much independent and ignore the power of teamwork. You think you can handle anything on your own and you don't share feelings, good or bad, cheerful or depressed, with people around. But if you want to get along with them, take the initiative to talk to them about anything small or big. And everyone loves a nice compliment, so give them. Then you'll see something good is happening. Good luck with that!

    • I was never able to give a compliment I always screw it up

    • Just try, at least try. I know the first step is always hard, but if you make one, the next step will be easier. Remember, always believe in yourself.

      By the way, thanks for the mho!

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  • Maybe try interacting e with people

    • I can't start conversation or anything and I'm not able to keep it going if someone else started it

    • Ohlwys try

    • I don't think it's gonna be useful I don't know what to talk about

  • I don't have any friends either but unlike you I'm not bragging about it

  • *hugs*
    It is ok. I feel ya. (Q-Q)


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