In the future, can you see Tulsi Gabbard being America's first Female President?


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  • i think she'd have issues getting support due to her positions on a few issues. for example
    she's pro-choice but opposes same sex marriage and civil unions

    that sort of difference is fine in he sense that she clearly doesn't simply think along political lines but i think she'd have a tough time gaining enough support from both sides to get a party nomination from the democrats.

    her fiscal and military positions seem strong and what a lot of americans want to hear. but i think her thoughts on social issues which seem to not tread heavy enough on one side or the other would make it hard for her to get enough support

    ... that and i'm still not sure america is ready to elect a female president. although at 35 i guess in 30 years (7 elections) this could change


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  • It's possible.


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  • America probably will NOT have a female president in another 100 years. Just forget about it!

  • Doubtful I don't see any woman being president soon.

    I surprised you brought her up considering her policies.

  • Michelle Obama is next lol, who knows...

    • You mean Michael lol.

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    • @Phoenix98 Hmm i think i heard about that, they were almost divorcing weren't they?

    • Yeah it was in the news quite a bit, and I don't know about the divorcing part but it wouldn't surprise me.