Two types of people?

So.. I share this with my boyfriend and I say "nice friend" and how I could never do that to him because I couldn't hurt him. And he sees it and goes "hahahaha I would so do that to you if you had balls".

Two types of people, I swear! haha
Two types of people?

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  • This is exactly the sort of things that guys do to each other. It's pretty much the law, you have to. If there is any opportunity to laugh at your friend's expense then it must be done, lol! I don't mean in a cruel way, it's all in good fun. It's part of bonding.

    • Yeah, have noticed that. When I see a guy get hit in the balls though all guys around grab themselves and you'd think they all feel it too. Would've thoughts nuts would be the one thing off limits :P

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    • Begging to be slapped, maybe! :P lol!

      If you wanted to chew your boyfriend's head then you could have just asked him. I'm sure he's open minded about your fetishes, y'know. Cannibalism turns some people on... apparently... :P

      You're such a tea snob! With your fancy herbal teas! HIPPY! Crocodile Dundee would be turning in his grave. If he were dead, or real. You need to go outside right now and wrestle a dingo! MAN UP! :P lol

    • Ahaha, if I wanted to eat his head I wouldn't have had to make up some elaborate scenario like that that ends with me being in pain and him, again, laughing at me :P

      Please, I'm not a hippie. Far from it. And I'm already tough. Just living in this country makes you tough. Don't need no dingo's and crocodiles and act stupid! I've got spiders and snakes in the backyard.. and in the house. urgh.

      Don't act like you haven't drank tea in the last hour lol

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  • funny, but i couldnt do that


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  • Last year a beat the shit out of my best friend with a pipe. He was bruised up real bad and kept calling me a hoe. The next day we laughed are asses off at the footage. Your body heals over time but that shit never gets old.

  • Guys tend to do a lot of stupid shit to our friends at some point... There are lines you can't cross or you're going to the hospital, but we've all done shit... and some of us have sent people to the hospital...

  • I encourage morons, like this, so they don't reproduce, and pollute the gene pool, making more idiots!!!

  • Poor guy. I would never do that to a friend. Never.
    I respect my friends and get the same respect in return.


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