Help! I embarrassed myself while approaching a guy in my class?

So, I decided to approach a guy in my Philosophy class to ask him a question about a Philosophy paper that our professor assigned. When I decided to ask him a question, I was extremely nervous that I embarrassed myself. While talking to him, I avoid eye contact, starting shaking terribly, and I was struggling to communicate with him. Before approaching him, I took some breath mints because I don't have good breath. It was extremely hard to look into his eyes. This is the first time I've done something like that and I feel like a complete failure plus it was a mistake. I'm extremely shy and quiet. its hard for me to make friend because of my physical appearance. Now He finds me disgusting and thinks I'm ugly ( every guy thinks that). I really can't believe I did that and now I'm afraid to go to class next week because he will be there. He probably might remember i how awful I looked and may not want to sit behind me anymore. We're both in college and he sits exactly behind me. (He was out of my league).

My physical appearance
- I am tall and skinny and a little muffin top
- I have moderate acne and blackheads
- I'm not attractive and I have a masculine facial feature ( been told that I'm the ugliest girl ever)
- don't have good breath


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  • You'll be okay friend, guys appreciate the confidence for the most part. You're probably not that unattractive, most people have bones to pick with themselves. Besides we all make mistakes around the opposite sex. I, for example, failed with my crush. He used to try to talk to me constantly and I idiotically ignored him (before I liked him) and now we don't talk much and I'm too much of a coward to talk to him. Wish I have your courage. You're brave af, that's a wonderful quality to have! 🙏

    • Thanks, I really appreciate it 😊😊😊

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  • well you should not let that get you down just hold your head up high

    • Thanks and I'll try 😊😊😊

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