Is it weird to like vaginal discharge?

I like it
Doesn't matter if it's thin and watery or thick and white
It just looks yum to me

That's all that's in my browser history is close up vaginas, discharge, but mainly both together

Sorry I have to go anonymous this Is just embarrassing
I've liked it since I was about.. 13 or 14
Some people ask me if I still like it when I get done and yes... I still do
(I'm 16, turning 17 this February)

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  • Thats normal
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i also like labia..


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  • that's weird and kinda gross in my opinion.. ewww

    • How?
      &... It's far from gross

  • Is normal to feel aroused and curious of the opposite gender body. I mean... For girls they don't get that aroused seeing a guy dick. But I know that some have fantasies of doing it with their bf/crush

    • thats why i feel so weird im not curious anymore
      im positive that i like it..

    • Well u were when puberty hit I'm sure. Is normal

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