How do you deal with a bad identity crisis?

You can say it's a civil war going on in my head.

On one side you have the me that was raised to be a polite and respectful guy:
-Always doing whatever I can to stay out of trouble.
-High tolerance for disrespect from my friends.
-Willing to ignore a good bit of backstabbing.
-Believes in equality.
-Friends are a core aspect of well being.

Then there's the me that came from my history of being bullied and watching people I believed to be jerks make it big:
-Willing to break rules and boundaries if it means doing what I please.
-Reacts cruelly to disrespect from anyone really.
-Demands absolute loyalty from friends. One betrayal and you get the boot.
-Believes in obtaining power at all costs.
-My friendship and support are privileges. I don't need them, they need me.

I want this settled because it's giving me a lot of stress.


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  • Well everyone has two sides. One good and one bad, but the way you use them decides what type of person you are. I was bullied in school. Now i do it like this. Instead of being only bad or good. i'm good to those who are good to me, but if you get on my bad side your done for it.

    You dont need to be on one side only.


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