Would you rather have an average looking partner who is domesticated, or a stunning looking partner who is domestically useless?


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  • Why are people more willing to get someone whos useless just because he happens to be better looking?

    Hello, i dont want to be the only one washing the dishes, or picking up his dirty socks, or cleaning the toilet, or using a plunger on the sink because his drunk mate threw up in it, or vacuuming up the crumbs he leaves everywhere. I dont to be the one who has to open the curtains everyday, or take the dirty dishes out of the lounge or wherever he left them.
    I dont want to be the one who does everything!

    I dont care what my man looks like as long as he shares at least SOME of the burden of housekeeping.


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  • I'd prefer the hot one. I don't make much mess so cleaning isn't a big deal.


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  • what exactly is domestically useless?

    • sorry, unable to help around the house, cannot clean/tidy, that sort of thing

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    • So you are WILLING to do everything around the house? Without help.

      For him to just leave his dirty dishes laying around the house, to track mud all over the floors and not think to clean it up, to never even consider making his own dinner or reusing that cup and instead making a pile of dishes when it could have been one or two items.

      I just... I dont understand why

    • @BaileyisDarcy Well, you have some fair points, i look at it like this.

      Whatever guy i have is going to be working. I am working as well. Just because i say im willing to accept a guy that is useless around the house doesn't mean that i am going to accept some lazy asswipe just because he looks good. Which most likely means that neither of us is going to be doing much work around the house and that we are both going to have careers and we'll have to find some other way to get those things done that need to be done.

  • Stunning looking.

  • Sorry but when I think of domesticated I think of puppies


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