Girls, do you feel the same way?

My husband and I have a very different relationship and marriage then most couples.

He sucks cock because I want him to, because I want him to have that experience. To better love, honor, respect, and worship women, he needs to experience what it’s like to be a woman. Taking it up the ass, sucking cock… it’s all part of it. He does it because he’s motivated to please me and doesn’t want to disappoint me.
Sucking cock for me is just the next natural step. I want him to experience what that’s like. To feel the hardness and the heat of a hot piece of meat in his mouth. I want him to learn to love the taste of it. I want him to learn to love it as much as I do. With respect to my bull Johnny in particular, I want him to worship and respect and honor the cock that brings so much pleasure to his wife. I want him to be my little PussyBoy cocksucker. What I actually need to do, I think, is make him suck a lot more cock then he has been.

Would you ever do something similar?

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