How to get rid of someone in your life who won't leave you alone?

There is a guy who I used to sort of be friends with who I can't get off my back. He always pestered me for favors, via phone or Facebook, borrowed stuff without returning it, drank my beer and ate my food. He has not paid me back much for the amount I've done for him. I ask him for money, he comes up with either a sob story, guilt trips me, or tells me some lecture on how generosity is the best virtue (some bullshit that he claims is part of his Moroccan culture). I asked him for favors maybe 3 times in the year that I've known him, and he's always flaked out.

He usually tags along in our friend groups, and I could write a novel about the shitty things he's done, usually it involves him being drunk (I think he has an alcohol problem). Keep things short: he's almost gotten us arrested more than once, he's creeped out waitresses at bars, he's gotten us kicked out taxis/Uber, gotten violent out of drunken rage, cussed out families in front of their small children, and has been a general embarrassment.

I've had it with him and his bullshit, so I've blocked him on Facebook and blocked his number. But he manages to get new numbers a lot of the time and also happens to live very close to my apartment, and has resorted to knocking on my door constantly and annoying the fuck out of me, asking for favors. I'm seriously thinking of calling the police because I feel like I'm dealing with a psycho here. Should I?


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  • I'd get a restraining order if he can't take the hint that you want to be left alone.


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  • Yeah dude, you should seriously call the police. This is some sociopathic shit.

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