Teaching English Abroad in China. What questions would you want to know the answer to?

I have a company, one area of it involves providing job opportunities to native English speakers to teach English in China. They will be working in a school, paid a high salary with free flights, housing, health insurance etc included.

I am looking for ideas on useful advise and things to include.

so what questions would you have?

i've introduced our company, done an introduction to life abroad and covered some other topics. one is things you should bring, what can you do


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  • How much will I be paid?
    How and when will I get paid?
    How many hours a day would I work?
    What do I do if I get sick and need a few days off?
    What happens if I get really sick and need to go to the hospital/dentist?
    How does the health insurance work and what is and is not included?
    How far away from work will I live?
    What area of town is the accomodation?
    A description of the housing?
    What do I need to fix myself before I go and when I get there?
    How do I get around (taxi, bus, train etc.) and what does it cost?
    How old are the people I'm teaching?
    How many students are in the classes?
    What is there level of english?
    What am I expected to do and teach?
    Will I work alone or with others?
    How long can/do I have to stay?
    What happens if I want to quit?
    Will I have any vacation/days off?
    Are there any other foreign teachers where I will work or only chinese ones?
    Do I book my own plane tickets and if so how do you pay for them? If you book them then when and how do I receive them?
    How is the internet connection where I'll live?
    What visas do I need?
    What vaccinations do I need?
    How much money should I bring to live of off before I get my first salary?

    Those are the questions I can think of right now.

    • thanks! really appreciate it! +1

    • i think most of these don't need a dedicated page (unless you think otherwise?) otherwise i can just include them all in aa FAQ page

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  • What are the minimum qualifications?

    How many hours per week?

    Would there be oportunities in countries other than China?

    What is the exact salary?

    • Also whether or not there would be people who speak both languages who would help with translation and navigating in the foreign country.

    • great

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  • The name of this company so I can do it lol. I have an English teaching license, sign me :p

    • i wouldn't mind helping lol but as it's my company, i had to go anonymous so that it's not exactly obvious who haha

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    • Cool beans

    • couldn't message you unless you followed me it said

  • You should teach them how to completely ignore the locals.


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  • If I were a Chinese student I might ask about the culture

  • Not to be judgmental, but if you REALLY owned such a business, why are you posting anonymously? This is a marketing opportunity!

    • gag isn't where i choose to market the company. not ideal and we're relatively new (at almost 1 year) so i'm happy to find the perspectives and views of my typical target audience here which helps

  • Do you need a degree? How much teaching experience does one need? Do they pay for your flight to china? How difficult is it to borrow money from the banks there, as you likely won't have much money in that first month before your first Pat cheque

    • Pay* cheque

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    • i wouldn't mind helping you out with that. what i could suggest i we discuss it and i will provide you the details and you can decide from there

    • Yea sure. You can follow me on here so you'll be able to message me

  • Well what you do is, teach them English down there but also learn Chinese so you can come back here to teach us Chinese.

    • they will be hired for the purpose of their English fluency so there is a demand for natives because they want the English immersive environment

  • Wow. wish i could do that too.

    • it just requires a degree and to be a native English speaker or have acquired the degree in a native country

    • Well. I assume highest degree possible. That leaves me out. :p