Any Lucid Dreaming tips?

I've tried various lucid dreamjng technics, from setting alarms at certain times in the night, to thinking all day about lucid dreaming and making reality checks. I know not everyone can lucid dream, but do you have anything that really helped you?

Oh another question, is if i use a binaural beats video for lucid dreaming purposes; how loud should I make it? Really quite so it's barely noticeable, kinda in the middle so it's a constant noise or louder so I drowns out any other sounds?


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  • Keeping a journal on what you dream about. By so doing, you sort of "calibrate" your mind to remember your dreams (it can work to different extents). Depending on how acute your memory is, you will remember dreams to a certain level of detail.

    You will become lucid when you do "reality checks". For instance, for me, gravity is different in dreams and I can breathe under water. If you do realize you are dreaming there is chance you will be scared and simply wake up trembling, paralyzed.


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  • Try an anticholinergic drug, like an over the counter antihistamine, the sleeping pills that countain doxylamine or diphenhydramine would work.

  • Its like trying shoes you have to do the things that work for you, try to get it my doing meditation. I sure would like to know if you reach your goal on lucid dreaming.

  • try soothing music or just meditate

  • just dont bother with binaural stuff. its bullshit.


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