Why's it now more Socially Unnacceptable to come out as a Conservative than to come out as Gay? Lefties seem to gang up on anyone that disagrees?

It seems like even gay and transexual people now have a harder time coming out as conservative than they do as coming out as gay.

We seen how the left react to anyone that disagrees with them. Whether it be labelling them a racist, misogynist, homophobe, islamaphobe... basically ostracised under any name under the sun to end the discussion and try to shun the opponent into a corner.

We seen this with Brexit where anyone that voted leave would keep their opinions quiet because there was a fear that having a conservative opinion could potentially get you fired or socially rejected by the dominant lefties. The same thing with Donald Trump, most people that voted for Donald Trump refused to publicly project their opinions for the very same fears.

I'm no fan of Caitlyn Jenner but she is one example, she got a sex change and the leftist media flew to her until the moment she came out as conservative and suddenly became to criticise.

The gay catholic conservative journalist milo yuannapaulos and douglas murray only ever received welcomes from the conservatives but was placed as an outcast amongst lefties for not forming conventional opinions

There is also the infamous and numerous black conservatives that get demonised by the left for not holding to conventional opinion and are often also labelled names as the left tends to love to do

Why's it now more Socially Unnacceptable to come out as a Conservative than to come out as Gay? Lefties seem to gang up on anyone that disagrees ?


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  • The term "conservative" has come to be associated with right wing extremists because they're the subset of conservatives who get the most attention. I guess it's reached the point where a "true" conservative needs to use some adjective such as "compassionate" to qualify "conservative" and not be tarred with the same brush :(


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  • The Left loves diversity in everything except diversity of thought


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  • You don't have a choice in whether you're gay or not. You decide on your opinions. If those opinions are vile then yeah, you deserve to be shamed for them.

    • So I take this to mean that you think that conservatives have vile opinions?

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    • MOGAI isn't one of my big concerns right now. However, economic fairness concerns me so much that I've been running a blog over the past 7 years that deals with many of our economic problems. It's mostly videos. Check it out and you'll see where I'm coming from. Here's the link:


    • @castratedwhiteguy "Who ever said that poor people deserve to suffer and die? " Nobody's actually said that. However, given the governors who turned down Medicaid expansion, it's clear that partisanship is more important than caring when it comes to the Republican party.

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  • Because being conservative stands against the Marxist dogma. You dare to want to be an individual with individual rights that contradicts the collective thought of the Marxist subset know as liberal. Several psychologists have come forward now hinting very carefully that liberalism is a form of mental illness. The playbook of the Marxist is to shout down the opposition. Maintaining individual arms is about the only thing that has kept these liberal thugs from showing up at your house and burning it down and killing you like they did in other countries that fell to some form of Marxism.

  • Ho hum... Wake me up when the shooting starts...

  • Because libetsls are sheep and live by the rule of the mob. The same sheep demonstrating Trump would be the same that would join the KKK.

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