Do you think it means anything if an ex-friend unblocks you from social media?

Him and I were intimate with each other and needless to say, that ruined our friendship completely. Our last conversation basically involved lots of screaming and each other, I never saw or heard from him since that day.

we still have mutual friends, he commented on a friend's picture and when I clicked on his profile I noticed that he had unblocked me after a year of keeping me blocked.

I don't care to rekindle our friendship but do you think that's a good sign?


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  • I'm not sure I understand the question. So you say you don't care to rekindle the friendship, but is his unblocking a good sign? If you don't want to rekindle the friendship, then what good sign are you talking about? Are you asking if his unblocking means that he also doesn't want to rekindle the friendship? (Since that's what you want, that would be good, right?)

    Here's the problem with people your age -- you're not straightforward about anything. What exactly would you like to see happen? If you tell us that, then we can tell you his unblocking you is likely a positive or negative.

    • I meant a good sign in that him unblocking me could potentially signify that he's not angry with me anymore and that he made peace with what happened.

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