Why do I get told by some people that I'm a good looking guy when I'm not?

I've been told I'm good looking many times by some people I claim to be close to, I've never been complimented by a family member though which proves I'm below average at best. I have a broken nose which is kind of swollen but it's not that bad all though I've had a stranger in the street comment about it saying "did you break yournose" which again proves I'm not good looking. I have mental health problems which do affect my self esteem and I get anxious & paranoid, despite this I'm still aware and educated enough to understand that if I don't have any close friends, female attention or compliments off strangers I'm not good looking. They may be giving me compliments to make me feel better or they have a negative motive but I don't like being lied too, I'd rather someone was honest with me and said I'm below average because at least then I will know where I stand with women. I'm 21 I have had girlfriends but they've never lasted any longer than 3 weeks. Why would people lie to me and say I'm good looking if it's not true? I think it's selfish on their part because it's kind of getting to my head and I'm wondering why Im at the bottom of the social pecking order if I'm supposedly "good looking".


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  • Why do you think you're being lied to? How do they benefit by calling you good looking? Just accept the fact that you're a good looking bloke.

    • I think I'm being lied to because if I was good looking I would get a lot of female attention which I don't. I don't even get much attention off average looking girls. I suppose they could benefit by me believing everything they say and they then laugh at me for fooling for it

  • Your obviously fishing for compliments. Does it matter if your good looking or not? Don't put so much emphasis (as you already have) on your looks. Leave that for the females man.

    • Getting a. Ompliment off a stranger won't make me think differently about myself so what you've judged the question on us false.

    • Getting a compliment off a stranger won't make me think differently about myself. So what you've judged this question us false. I just want to know why I'm being lied to.

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