What are some good board/card games that would be good to get for Christmas?

Ideally ones that can be done with just two players would be best, but ones that require three would work too.


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  • Guess Who

    Uno (More fun with more people but 2 CAN play)


    Just a Deck of cards - Play "War" and "Slap Jack" for 2 people.
    OR, for more people, 'Ring of Fire', 'Goldfish', etc.

    Have heard 'Last word' is a fun one

    Cards Against Humanity (or Rotten Apples) are more for adults...

    Checkers :] Haven't played in forever.

    If you're looking for phone apps, I recommend "Worms" and it's for 2 players. <3


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  • They released that one board game for that app, draw free. I'd. imagine it be a fun board game.


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