Being bullied and harrassed. What should I do?

Long story short. When Election Day happened I posted a picture saying congrats and I supported him and these girls that I went to school with got mad because I have a different political view than them. People unfollowed me and even blocked me. She took it to Facebook and created hate and drama. She was starting harrasment and bullying. People threatened to punch me and physically hurt me. They took a screenshot of my Instagram to created drama. I hope they forget it in the future lol. Honestly I'm very sad and scared and feel depressed. I'm thinking about how great life would be if I didn't exist (it's not just this but I've been through so much bullying) and if they will hurt me if they see me. Should I change my Instagram name or leave it? Should I unfriend (although they were neve my friends) and block them? What should I do about all of this?


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  • Yet another reason to dump social media websites.

    How ironic that the ones preaching tolerance, inclusiveness, and acceptance are the ones abandoning their ideals so completely.

    Sorry about the acts of these utter hypocrites, but things will eventually get better. You just need to wait for the election thing to be old news. (Remember the Bundy case?) I wish you the best. Don't erase yourself from existence. I'm sure there are those whose lives you enhance. Don't give up. For protection, learn/study a martial art and stay within visual range of school personnel. I hope things get better for you soon...


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  • You support a hate monger, of course people get angry. Yes, leave Instagram, and think twice before you do something stupid like this again.

    • I don't support a hate monger. I just didn't like Hillary! Just because I have a different opinion shouldn't mean I deserve to be treated like shit and get harrassed. What ever happened to freedom of speech and expression?

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    • Or not have voted at all like about 43% of the population

    • It was my first time voting I figured I might as well. Johnson I didn't agree with a lot of his policies and I knew that he couldn't win. I would have done a write in but it wouldn't have done anything either. I can't stand Hillary and so of course I picked this one over her. Why is it that I can't have a different opinion without people flipping out. I'm fine with people having different opinions it won't do anything. I just feel the reaction wasn't needed.

  • that's what u get for voting for trump lol

    • People are allowed to have a different opinion. There is no need for this kind of behavior.

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  • Think of it as karma for screwing the rest of us over :)

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