Did she have the right?

I posted a rant take today where i scolded people for even thinking of going into my room without my permission and especially for having the audacity to sleep in my bed lot ALONE touch my crap.

Turns out it was my nan who touched my crap.

Now, i live with my grandparents.
Its their house, they want it kept at a standard level of cleanliness. I get it.
Im not the neatest person around. I get it.

My room was a mess. Crap everywhere. I get it.

But that is my personal space and its not like i keep the door wide open, you dont SEE the mess unless, say, you're into completely obliterating any sense of privacy i might have had the nerve to have.
And letting people stay in my room without my permission or knowledge. Let me know and i would have made my room presentable for them but fuck. Why would anyone do that?

So, i mean, i pay board. Does that mean nothing? What am i paying for if its not a little bit of privacy? Its a complete lack of respect towards my need for privacy. Im not ten, im nineteen. Does that not count for something?
Im not the kind of teenager who plays loud music, im not disrespectful, i dont put marks on the walls, im not a dirty messy who leaves food in my room its just stuff.

Did she really have the right to come into my room, and chuck everything onto the other side? Its not the first time she's done this, but i got just as upset last time.
I dont have anything to hide i just hold my privacy at a very high level of importance. If you dont respect that i feel like you dont respect me and Im pretty sure i have enough family who i can't be around without tacking on yet another home that i can no longer call a home.

And she tried to make ME feel guilty for not cleaning my room yet. Well im sorry if i fucking knew people were going to invade i would have done it sooner!
I was going to today but after coming home to that I've just been too upset.

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  • to her, you are still the kid. So she cleans up after you, compulsively.

    Arguing won't get you anywhere with her, so just be a little neater for the sake of family peace.

  • You pay board so no

  • She had no right that's your privacy.


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