How do you people judge skin colour at all and are able to tell the difference?

I literally can't tell skin colours apart unless its too obvious. All skin colours, especially the non white ones seem to look so different depending on the lighting. Take this famous celeb guy for example.
he looks brown as fuck in this lighting
How do you people judge skin colour at all and are able to tell the difference? and now out here he gives the impression of being lighter than even some whites

Another example, here a white guy:

here this irish hunk is the same colour as a dirty shitskin curry munching faggot

and here is almost as light as an actual irish chick @jxpxtxr

and i also looked at some of my old photos, there are pics where i make my mom look like a shitskin ethnic brown bitch but then i saw her pics in spain and italy and she was lighter skinned than majority of the other shitty skinned southern europeans. And there are pics where i look almost nigga tier. Even in mirrors and real life there seems to be fluctuations, i always thought i was much darker skinned than this friend of mine and once during some related conversation he was like i am quite fair and when we stood next to each other in the mirror, he was right, i was at least 2-3 skin tones fairer. And then there are some lightings where i look shitskinned as hell.

  • Its pretty easy to tell, ur just dumb
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  • I can understand what u mean, lighting makes a lot of difference
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  • No one cares for this shit, u know
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@elissadido, @decentguy
@elissadido, i really want YOU to elaborate on this since u confused me long time back and i am still bonkers over it


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  • well its hard to say from pictures but in real life i can usually tell if a person is from the UK, France Belgium, the Netherlands. its not so obvious for me for other ethnicities because i am not too familiar with these ethnicities. also people can tan. and lighting is important as well, as are the seasons. people are generally more than in the summer.

    but race is more skull structure than skin tone though.


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  • Lol yeah it's just lighting most of the time
    I'm brown but in some pics like my dp I look lighter cuz sunlight I guess I don't know and some pics I look brownie. 👅💞

    You should be able to tell in real life though.

    • i really can't tell even in real life tbh

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    • Alright well best of luck dude. I'm sure you'll find your special wali soon aur shaadi mein invite karo.

    • fuck no, dating a girl in this generation is suicide. Girls are conniving bitches, she is BOUND TO cheat on you with a superior guy

  • Lol. How did you even come about to asking this question?

    Please elaborate

    • i am an insecure faggot and won't accept my shitskin

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    • mine is most likely like zayn's but as u can tell from this question, i am not sure

    • ok here u go, i took this pic of my hand just now, i didn't use flash but it is indoor lighting, its not total curry but still ethnic, like turkish or arab i guess
      tinypic[dot]com/view. php? pic=nl4bkn&s=9#. WDnKvPl97IU

      replace dot with.

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  • Not voting. All I have to say is work on self esteem. Only what you believe about yourself is what really matters. Unless, you're trying to be a celebrity or model, what difference does it make?

    • i am not trying to be a celebrity or model but it kills me to know that they can get the hot girls in a matter of seconds to smash while i am dieing a kissless virgin and hence i gotta work on all this

    • Haven't you lost your virgnity a couple of months ago?

    • lol u remember @elissadido :-D

      yes, i did but i mean just once, even 12 yr olds have orgies these days