What mix of masculine and feminine is your ideal partner?

There are two stereotypical columns offered. From each column you can only have one trait in the same row. Meaning, you can pick either Initiative, or Passive. Aggressive, OR Peaceful. Your partner can't be peaceful agressive.
Go trough the columns and assemble the combination of traits you find most appealing.
If you have the will, bellow that assemble the list of traits that best describes you.
Have fun. :)What mix of masculine and feminine is your ideal partner?Masculine - Feminine:

Initiative - Passive
Aggressive - Peaceful
Hierarchical - Inclusive
Logical - Emotional
Calculative - Empathic
Realistic - Dreamy
Protective - Nurturing
Useful - Beautiful
Dominant - Submissive
Explosive - Enduring
Blunt - Polite
Flashy - Humble
Large - Small
Rough - Gentle
Daring - Careful
Intimidating - Comforting

Disclaimer: I know these are stereotypes, my goal is to have fun and make tough choices see how we do, not to insult anyone for not fitting the stereotype.
Example (my preference):
Masculine - Feminine:

Aggressive -
Hierarchical -
Logical -
Calculative -
Realistic -
Protective -
Useful -
Dominant -
Explosive -
Blunt -
- Humble
Large -
Rough -
- Careful
Intimidating -

Copy paste the list and just delete a single word from each row.


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  • Don't say they are sterotypes, they are natural characteristics that have been imbued in each gender through millenium. Find someone with those traits that can be trusted and you have a winner.

    • Something being a stereotype doesn't make it bad. I never said it is bad, or unnatural.

    • True that.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Protective and comforting

    • P. S. that picture is really cool

    • Your response has to contain traits down the entire column, not just a single row.

    • And I like the pic too. <3

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  • 0% masculine
    100% feminine

  • The more femininity the better.


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