I'm worried about telling people that I am Transgender (mtf) what should I do?


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  • Background: I'm mtf and have been on hormones for about 4 months now

    Although I don't have tons of experience with this because I've only come out to a few people, what I can say is that it gets easier each time you come out. However, I've yet to come out to someone in person and have so far just used email.

    The latest person I've come out to is a coworker who made a comment on my hair, which I'm in the process of growing long. When she said it I made some non-committal comment, but when I got back to my desk, I thought to myself "why not now?" and so I sent her a coming out email.

    It turns out that to say that she was accepting would be a massive understatement because since then we've had several email conversations where she treats me just like any other woman.


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  • That's understandable.
    Is there a person or two that you can tell that aren't going to be too judgmental about it? If not, I'm sure there are plenty of support forums for this type of thing.
    Your only options are to come out with it and tell friends/family, keep it to yourself/hit it and make new friends (online and in real life) as a transgendered and/or female, or you can transition and let people figure it out that way.


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  • You don't need to disclose that to anybody. That is your personal business. You only disclose that when you're looking to date or something else very serious. Because this topic is not something others will or won't agree with or need to know, esecially in their lives.

  • Be yourself! Invite the person or people you feel most comfortable telling over for dinner one night, and make your announcement. It may be awkward for a few moments, but that will pass. They will either accept it or they won't. The others you can tell on social media, in person, or not at all. Life is too short to hide.


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