Anyone got any techniques to cope with stress etc instead of SH?


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  • Stress is what happens when you are overwhelmed. What you need to do is organize your thoughts. What are your problems? Why are they frustrating ignore the outside world long enough to figure that out. Then you need to very quickly prioritize them. Which problems are the most important ones to solve? Which ones are the least important? Don't think about it too much. Then you need to decide which problem you need to tackle first.

    Just because one is more important than the other doesn't mean you should take care of it first. Some things are time sensitive. Come up with a way to deal with that situation or problem and sort of ignore everything else. Just do one thing at a time.

    If there is something stressful on your mind and you are having trouble sleeping, relaxing etc. and there's nothing you can currently do about it. Meditate. Just sit pretzel style and if you can't stretch until you can do it comfortably. Listen to all the sounds around you and relax. Pay attention to the sounds of you don't usually notice. The wind through the trees, the birds in the distance. The particular sound of silence in a given room. Just let your thoughts clear every now and then.

    When your stressed out you need to think about one thing at a time, take deep breaths. Remind yourself to be calm and not panic. Keep a calm, cool head so you can think. It is also good to come to terms with what can happen specifically if you fail. Sometimes you realize it's not so bad and other times you realize there is a simple solution.


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