What would this girl thinks if she knew what I did for her?

There is this one girl who I work with who I secretly like. So I googled her name and found out that she needed money for college and set up a go fund me page. I wanted to help her so I anomalously donated $200 over time to her cause. If she somehow found out about this what do you think her reaction would be? Would she think it is weird that I did that without her asking for my help? Or would she appreciate it?


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  • She would highly appreciate it. You're a gentleman, nothing to be ashamed of.


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  • She'd probably contact HR on you for stalking.

    • You think so? So what I did is stalking.

    • Giving her money isn't the prime reason you looked her up in the firstbppace. You didn't even know about it until you looked it up. Plus too, I'd look into your companies dating policy. Many places prohibit co-workers dating.

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