Why is alcohol/ partying such a big part of university students' life?

I don't drink and therefore feel too awkward to go to a nightclub, (I'd rarely go to a nightclub anyhow.) But it seems as though all university students do is just drink and party all the time and for those who don't do it, it is almost impossible to have a social life.


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    I know what you mean. Lot of cultures have alcohol heavily embedded into them so choosing to not drink makes you look like you rebelling or going against social norms. It's annoying when you see the reaction from those who find out that you don't drink.

    It's even more annoying when people have this notion that those who don't drink are boring. I have had instances where people think I silently judge them for drinking or they flood me with so questions as to why I don't drink. Those instances are what makes things awkward because people won't shut up about it.

    People like to drink because it eases stress and allows them to let loose. I don't need alcohol go crazy at nightclubs and dance my ass off throughout the night. Funny, because people were surprised when they saw me let loose at the club because I am kind of quiet and I am not very outgoing.

    If you really feel awkward about going to nightclubs because of the pressure to drink. Then simply don't go. Don't be friends with those who judge or uncomfortably pressure you to do things you don't want to do.


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  • It's big because you can forget all that daily drama that you have to go through.
    And you also unlock your drunk personality, kinda sets you free from insecurities, you just forget about the differences and fears and you talk and flirt and have so much fun.
    You don't have to be drunk certain people just go talk and have fun with what's happening around.
    Partying is good if you don't go overboard. But if you feel like it's not for you then hang with people that prefer to stay in.


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  • That's ridiculous. How can not drinking make you feel too awkward to go to a club? No one's forcing you drink, I rarely drink when I go out because it ruins my game. At the club I'm too busy dancing or pulling to be drinking all the time. Half the people drinking are the losers in the corner just watching everyone because they're too scared to hit the floor. Drinking makes your social life worse, much worse. Anyone who needs alcohol in order to have fun is sad. Only once has anyone questioned why I wasn't drinking and that was probably because she wanted me to buy her a drink, I told her it conflicted with my religious beliefs and then I hit the dance floor.

    • I think it's very common to feel awkward going to a club, that's why most drink anyhow, I assume

    • Yeah, it's awkward because people are so caught up in themselves, what will they think of me? There's lots of attractive people here, I feel intimidated! What do I do, do I dance? Do I talk to people? You need to step away from that. Drinking just masks it, you won't become a better person.

  • It's a scheme to make the "educated" into degenerates. I used to partake in the weekly ritual of going out, getting drunk and chasing girls.

    But once you realize this culture is meant to make you a worse person, you stop it.

  • It's sort of a societal pressure. People don't tell you you have to go to parties, but the stories you hear about them from people, you feel pressured to go to those things in high school and college. Alcohol is peer pressure

  • Can't tell you how many bars I've been to, but I've never had a drop. Usually I just go for live music. Mostly juke joints and honky tonks.


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  • its not mostly at night clubs. Its in dorms, apartments, and greek housing. Which makes it a hell of a lot easier and not awkward.

    • You must be from the US

    • Yep. That is my experience. It's not that people don't go to clubs, they do. But much more drinking is done on or near campus.