Smoked sequential tail lights?

I've been debating whether or not to buy smoked tail lights or just stick with red ones. this is the colour of my car do you think it would go good together? smoked sequential tail lights?

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  • I mean, it's your car and you can do what mod you want to do. Tinted taillights look cool, but its mostly up to the owner of the car to take an action to the car. I'm mostly a fan to the '03 and '06 Mustangs, but the '13 GT500 makes me proud for no apparent reason when the turn signals are going at a direction while they are tinted. But overall, it should depend on how you like it or not.

    • the thing about the ones I want is that the part over the lights is clear and the back is black and the LED lights are red I think it could go with the tinted windows and I've got deco on the side of it but I might want to make the space between the 2 tail lights black as well

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    • No problems, but I am kinda talking about one and the other. The wiring is what worries me- if a wire of one the fog lights is cut, its done and you need a wire harness for that type of model year mustang. But as for the grill, nah its alright; pretty sure you can find parts for Mustangs closely in the USA because 'Murica (haha sorry) but there are some that includes covers for fog lights and some that don't.

    • true. I find the placement of the fog lights not pratical because they are lined up with the headlights and I find that some people can think they are highbeams when I have them on at night

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  • It would look good yes, but I chose no. Don't tamper with it


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  • From a safety and visibility point of view, I would just get the red sequential ones.

    • the part over top of the lights is clear but the inside is black so I don't see much of a safety issue for nights and rainy weather

    • I'm not a big fan of them anyway, they look cheesy to me. But, they would probably look ok with the colour of your car. I think sequential turn lights are very cool on a car like that, it would be a shame to partially hide brightness with smoked tint though.

    • True I like the idea of having sequential tail lights and I've found some nice package deal I can get with front headlights and the tail lights but I haven't been able to find any with the red the LED lights are red but can't seem to find any with the red over top just clear with black under

  • I would say no, just on the safety/possible liability issues involved. If I get slammed in the rear, I want factory Ford lenses back there.

  • Tbh I don't recommend it Darlin, but again its your car whatever u like


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