I thought both sexes are complicated, why do some women think they know everything about men?

A lot of people seem to think women are complicated but aren't both men and women complicated?


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  • because we found a pattern between every man we've met and some women think that that's all there is to men lol
    we're both equally "complicated" because we're raised to see things through different lenses, so to speak
    if both sexes mingled since childhood and learned everything equally -even to communicate- it would be easier
    but instead girls play certain games, use certain words and are expected to behave in a certain way and so are boys
    we are raised to be different

    • A lot of women seem to think that men get sexually aroused just by looking at a random hot girl. That's wrong, that's rare. Most guys just admire a girl's beauty but it doesn't mean they are sexually aroused.

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    • In my high school it was the girls that would go after the guys. One girl stuck her finger in my navel for no reason. I eavesdropped on a female conversation. The girls would point out random guys that they would want to "you know what".😆

    • haha ik, I had very few girl friends (like four lol) and they were like that but the rest of them were either prudes or too ugly and one of them even became a nun lol
      I sat with the guys and they were always talking about girls, drugs, parties, sports and rarely videogames

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