What should I say to my girlfriend?

My girlfriends grandmother died last week they had the funeral today. She hasn't doing to well today. She's been crying since we got home. She doesn't know if she'll be able to sleep tonight. We went to her grandmas house for dinner after the funeral it was the first time she's been there since she's died. She felt weird being at her grandmas house when she wasn't there. She was used to seeing her grandma sitting or napping on the couch now she can't see that anymore. She said it feels strange now. She's felt sad pretty much all day. How can I comfort her? What should I say to her?


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  • There's not much you can say actually. When my grandpa died last year all I wanted from my boyfriend was to cuddle and be the shoulder to cry on. If she wants to talk about it though you can say that at least she didn't suffer (or that her suffering is over), that she had a great life and people that loved her, if she believes in that kind of stuff that they will meet again on the afterlife or smth. But seriously there is not a way to make her feel good. Watch movies with her, hug her and try to make her think of different things if it's possible.

    • i am so sorry please forgive me x

    • hi katherine the only reason i told you to fuck off was because you took ages to reply i thought you ignored the comment, so stop pussying out and actually reason better next time. you stupid shit.

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