Does anyone else feel The Walking Dead is going down hill since the start of season 7?

I've watched this show since it started becoming popular in season 3. I was too young to even know about it when it first aired, being I was ~10. I loved the show, every episode was amazing. There may have been one or two boring episodes, but they we're far from any. The only really boring episode I can think of is the Woodbury one a few seasons ago.

The walking Dead is based on Rick, and his story, at least that's how it started out. Rick was pretty much in every episode up until this season. There may have been a few he wasn't in, but overall he was in all of them. Usually the ones he wasn't in, were boring. It seems like Rick isn't even in it anymore. We haven't seen him in literally two episodes. That's like watching the show Dexter with Dexter actually being in the show, it would suck.

Most episodes now seem like "filler" episodes to slow the show down, and draw it out slowly so they can have more seasons. We don't have to dedicate a whole episode towards a character, no show does that, and it makes the show horrendous. I don't care enough about Tara to watch a whole episode about her.

Then it seems like now everyone is scared of the walkers. Episode 7.05, there was one walker and Enid stood there like she was petrified of it, like she has never seen one before. Then in 7.06, Tara stood there looking petrified of two walkers while she was holding a spear. Like really? It's been years, you've killed hundreds of them, why are you still scared?

Then they'll do these stupid camera shots hoping for suspense out of the viewer. They'll flash towards a walker, then a scared looking character, back to the walker, back to the character, back to the walker, back to the character, meanwhile there's music playing in the background that makes the scene look so stupid.

After all that, the cameras will randomly just point to a random field, or truck, that has no meaning to it what so ever. All along with the most commercials I've ever seen in a show.

What do u think?


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  • I don't feel that way.

  • I thought it's been going down since season 3

    • I can definitely see where you're coming from!

  • ever since Glenn died

    • Haha hey Are was an awesome character too. It does such he died, but that episode I thought was pretty damn good

    • yeah, i guess

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