Getting an apartment at 18, but no credit history?

My boyfriend and I live in Florida and we are moving to a town next to ours. We are doing this because living on a college campus is really expensive, and we want our own space. We have enough money saved up, we've budgeted everything a billion times, and we've got all the finances down.
What should we expect when applying for these apartments? Neither of us have a credit card or credit history.
We both currently have jobs in our current town that we live in, however we plan to quit those jobs when we move. We were planning that once we move to this new town, we'd get new jobs there. So by the time that we apply for this apartment, we technically won't have a job yet, only saved up money until we're able to get a job right away.
I know it all looks bad, but I also know there are a lot of people who are able to get an apartment with a roommate at 18. My question is: how? How can we get the apartment with no credit history? And how would we have to go about the whole job situation?


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  • Make a deal with the landlord.
    Say , you pay the first 3 months worth of rent as a courtesy payment to show that you're serious about renting the place.

    I got an apartment at 19 with no credit history easy peasy , just make a good impression with the landlord when you're visiting the apartment.
    Most people just wear rags to see their future landlord. That's stupid. Treat it as a job interview.
    Go business casual and show them you're a mature adult who wouldn't trash their place and will pay rent on time.


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  • If I may be completely honest with you, I don't think quitting the jobs right now would be a good idea. Especially during the holidays. Most apt complexes are looking at background checks over credit history but it depends on where you move. Credit does help. I get that you want your own space, but is that the smart thing to do while trying to focus on school? I would stay with family if that's an option, build credit then move out. You can budget all you want, but life does happen (sometimes unfortunately) and you need to be ready for that. It may sound like a breeze but it's harder than you think once you get out there. Trying to balance school with keeping grades up and working full time. Not trying to talk you out of it, just want you to be 110% sure you want this and ready.


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  • Get a credit card, or something to get your credit history going. Just charge a couple things and pay it off. Give it a few months and you should be okay,.


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  • Doesn't sound like a solid plan. You should build credit history first, gather some more money meanwhile then get a job over where you're moving THEN get an apartment.

    Or get a parent to cosign on it.

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